Does anyone know Judge Yacucie, in Port st lucie,FL

ANSWER: The first part of this answer is by Mr. Lombillo out of Tampa, Florida. He writes as follows:

” I know where you are going with this question and it is understandable in a stressful situation. No attorney is going to comment online about a member of the judiciary. You are best to focus on your defense, mitigating factors in your case, and finding the best defense attorney you feel comfortable with.” My comment on his Answer is as follows:

I do agree with Mr. Lombillo. No lawyer is going to comment negatively online about a particular judge. However, I as well as many of the other lawyers in my office have practiced in front of Judge Yacucci. He has always treated me and my clients fairly and impartially. It important for the client that the lawyer they hire is aware of a judge’s in courtroom procedures as well as their particular predilections. We would all like to think that when a judge puts on that black robe that they leave their personal experience and prejudices behind. Most do. However, some don’t. Knowing and understanding your audience is invaluable. Hire an experienced criminal attorney that can help you negotiate you way through this problem.


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