Reasons to Get a Prenuptial Agreement By Joseph Gufford

Many people shake their heads at the idea of a prenuptial agreement because it seems to indicate the couple has little faith in their union. No one, however, can predict the future. Read ahead to learn why you should consider a prenuptial agreement.

1. You will learn about each other: While discussing assets, debt, money management, and more, you will gain insights into how your partner thinks and be able to determine if your financial habits can coexist.

2. Protection against spouse’s debts: A prenuptial agreement outlines provisions for joint finances, accounts, and who will be responsible for which debts. For example, you can keep your student loans separate from the marriage.

3. Estate planning: More crucial for those entering their second marriage, especially if children are involved, this type of agreement can ensure that the estate goes to the children of the first marriage rather than the new spouse.

4. Makes divorce easier: You do not get married to get divorced, but a prenuptial agreement can make the entire divorce process go more smoothly, should it ever come to that. You will save a lot of money if you already plan how you want to proceed.

Couples considering getting married should talk to a lawyer beforehand. Those living in and around Stuart, Florida, are invited to contact family lawyer Joseph Gufford at (877) 448-2529 or by visiting his firm’s website at


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