Finding a Family Lawyer

December 6, 2012 Finding a Family Lawyer Finding a good family lawyer is a complicated task. To make it easier for you, we asked Joseph Gufford, a Florida-based family lawyer to offer guidance. With more than 20 years’ experience, Joseph Gufford has handled numerous cases involving such matters as civil litigation, personal injury, and family law.Mr. Gufford offered the following tips:1. Tap your network: Personal recommendations work best for locating a lawyer right for your family. Find a friend, relative, or acquaintance who knows or has dealt with a family attorney. You can also use online social networks or lawyer-rating services to find an attorney who suits your budget and criteria.2. Family law cases are not your typical run-of-the-mill cases: Because of the sensitive nature of such cases, family lawyers need to be experienced, trustworthy, and skillful. Make sure that the recommended lawyer understands your situation thoroughly.3. Talk to your attorney: Mr. Gufford recommends getting to know your lawyer to develop a comfortable working relationship. According to Joseph Gufford, one of the surest ways to get to know your family attorney is to conduct a preliminary interview with him or her. Explain your case and circumstances. See if the attorney asks intelligent questions and seems genuinely interested in your case. If he or she seems disinterested or evasive, then it is best not to continue with that

via Finding a Family Lawyer.

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