Stetson University Tops in State Bar Exam Success

After attorney Joe Gufford earned his juris doctor at the Stetson University College of Law, he, like many other students, took the bar examination. After passing, Joe Gufford began practicing in Florida, where he continues to counsel clients today. His alma mater recently announced that its graduates had achieved the highest success rate in the state on the Florida Bar Exam.

Almost 90 percent of Stetson graduates passed the examination in July 2013, as compared to 77 percent of first-time test-takers throughout Florida. Stetson takes several measures to keep that rate high, such as essay evaluation, workshops, and a study plan enabling students to monitor their progress. The program’s goal is for every student to pass the bar the first time.

The Florida Bar Exam’s general test is presented in two parts every February and July. Part A consists of three essays and 100 multiple-choice questions on a range of 19 topics. Part B, the Multistate Bar Examination, comprises two sections of 100 multiple-choice questions on seven subjects.


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