About Joseph Gufford Lawyer/Joe Gufford Attorney

For over 20 years, Joseph Gufford has practiced law in South Florida. Joe Gufford is the head partner at Gufford & Brandt, a Partnership of Professional Associations.  The main offices for the firm are  in Stuart Florida. However, the firm regularly practices in Martin, Pealm Beach, St. Lucie, Okeechobbe and Indian River Couty. Joe Gufford, also known as “Guffy” or “Guff” to his friends and associates,  primarly focuses his efforts in the area of famly law. Family Law is a wide encompassing area  including divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, guardianship, alimony and property distribution. His website can be found at www.treasurecoastlawfirm.com. Joe Gufford also answers may questions regarding various issues  on AVVO.com. His Page can be found at http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/34994-fl-joseph-gufford-1278904.html?ref=header_navbar.

Individuals who hire Joseph Gufford as a family lawyer receive counsel from a compassionate, experienced attorney. Dedicated to providing his clients with premier service, Gufford represents persons involved in divorce proceedings and related matters, such as child custody and support, alimony, visitation rights, and asset division. When circumstances change for either party, he seeks out judgment modifications. Joseph Gufford can also assist couples prior to a marriage by writing or reviewing a prenuptial agreement.

Guardianship is another family law-related area in which Gufford practices. Florida law requires that persons deemed legally incapacitated have their affairs handled by a guardian, which can be a family member, a professional, or a court-appointed individual. Through Joseph Gufford, people can challenge or defend a guardianship action or an allegation of incapacity.

Throughout the entire country, there has been an epidemic of drug abuse, especially in Florida, where prescription  and non-prescription drugs are easily obtainable. Mr. Gufford regularly represents parents and other  concerned family members in actions under Florida’s Marchman Act to help those addicted to drugs get the help they need, whether they want it or not.   A Petition for Involuntary Assessment may be filed when there is good faith reason to believe an individual is substance-abuse impaired and because of that impairment, has lost the power of self-control with respect to substance use. See. Fla. Stat. 397.6811. Obviously, those people whom are addicted to drugs, have a very high chance of being charged with felony crimes, developing mental health problems or exacerbating the same and being a danger to themesleves and others.  The Marchman Act empowers the family to intervene and get those persons addicted to drugs  into treatment.

Additionally, becauuse of budget cuts for public mental health programs and the increasing costs of mental health drugs, there has been an epidemic of  persons with mental health problems not getting the help they need. Many times, these people have a history of mental illness, but simply cannot access the services they need in order to treat  their problems. These persons often end up being charged with a felony crime, domestic violence or other  major problems that have a dramatic impact on themsleves  and their families. There is a great summary of the Baker Act at   http://www.clerk.co.okeechobee.fl.us/Baker_act.htm. While the Petiti0n can be filed by a  family member or other interested person, it is highly reccomended that  you retain the services of a competent attorney to prove up the case.  Those afflicted with mental health problems are often  resentful of those trying to help them and will do there very best to defeat  the case when it goes in front of the judge.

Apart from family law, Joseph Gufford advises people  regarding contract disputes and other civil litigation. Those involved in real estate can obtain his counsel on such matters as property disputes and partition actions. Business owners hire Gufford as a lawyer skilled in resolving partnership disputes and undertaking various types of commercial litigation.

Since starting his firm, Gufford has garnered several accolades from his peers. The Martin County Bar Association elected him Chair of its Family Law Committee and  has honored him  on multiple occaisions with  awards for his  Pro Bono  services  to the commmunity. Active in philanthropic endeavors as well, Joseph Gufford has sat on the Board of Directors of the Florida Equal Justice Center, Inc., and the board of Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc.


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